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For FS9, FSX, P3D (All version) 

And Xplane 11

Made in 2018

The airport was opened in 1939 as a grass airfield with four rough grass runways. Its first use was by the German Luftwaffe during their invasion of the Channel Islands. By 1948 BEA and Jersey Airlines were flying regular trips to Southampton. A new 4800ft tarmac runway was constructed, and traffic increased with regular services to London and Southampton using Viscount and Herald aircraft. Guernsey was a main base for Aurigny, and for over 30 years the little yellow Islander and Trislander aircraft were used on the inter island links. During 2012 the airport closed for over 40 days to allow construction of a runway extension. This allowed larger aircraft like the EMB190, B737 and A320 aircraft to use the airport. Until recently the main airlines using the airport were Aurigny and Flybe, but sadly the latter ceased operations in March 2020.

  • Full detail Buildings

  • Realistic Ground Markings

  • Hi Res ground image

  • UK Runway markings

  • Stunning Night Effects

  • 3D Approach Lights

  • High details Airport Vehicles

  • Excellent Frame Rates

  • Runway Wigwags

  • Full set of signs

  • Fencing

  • Airliner Static Aircraft

  • GA Static Aircraft

  • Manual and Options

  • Improved runway lights

  • Vegatation

  • Default Road animations

  • Custom animations

  • Compatible with Orbx FTX

  • Compatible with Photo Scenery

  • Compatible with FSX Steam

  • Compatible with Orbx 'True Earth'

Xplane notes, there is no custom animation or Static aircraft  and
the Airport is **FLAT**, sorry our system cant make curved
airports yet.



FS9,FSX and P3D

Regular Price


Xplane 11

Regular Price

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