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Isle Of Man 2021

For MSFS2020

Ronaldsway airport started live in the early 1930 and there were flights to a number of different parts of the British mainland from its grass runways. World War Two saw Ronaldsway being requisitioned by the RAF in June 1940 to allow No 1 Ground Defence Gunners School to move in and was renamed RAF Ronaldsway. It changed in 1944 when HMS Urley came into being  and had as its main task torpedo bomber reconnaissance, mainly operating Fairey Barracudas. After the war it went back to civil flights, but remained in Admiralty possession until 1948,  when it became the main airport for the island.

The naval four runway layout survives in place, allowing for  extensions and exapansion; although a typical four storey Naval control tower from that period has now been demolished. Many historical relics relating to the Isle of Man’s airfield history can be found at the excellent Manx Aviation and Military Museum at the airport.

In March 2000 the new extension was opened, providing a new landside catering outlet, arrivals area, baggage hall, and departure lounge. In April 2008 Tynwald granted a major runway extension and resurfacing project at the airport. The runway will be extended by 245m out into the Irish sea Today main operators at Ronaldsway are Easyjet and Loganair.

  • Full detail Buildings

  • Realistic Ground Markings

  • Hi Res ground image

  • UK Runway markings

  • Stunning Night Effects

  • High details Airport Vehicles

  • Excellent Frame Rates

  • Full set of signs

  • Fencing

  • GA Static Aircraft

  • Improved runway lights

  • Vegatation

  • PBR Materials

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