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SBSM Santa Maria 2023

For MSFS2020

Santa Maria Airport is the small  regional airport serving Santa Maria, Brazil. It is operated by the Municipality of Santa Maria. The airfield started life in 1944 with the collaboration of the United States Army and it was opened in April 1945. Between 1971 and 2015, with the creation of the Santa Maria Air Force Base, civil and military facilities were shared. However, in 2015 an agreement between the Brazilian Air Force and the Municipality of Santa Maria, transferred part of the facilities to the latter. The civil portion of the aerodrome is administered by the Municipality and the military portion by the Brazilian Air Force. It shares a modern new control tower

At this moment there is only one regular airline using the airport, this is Azul Brazilian Airlines flying to Porto Alegre. 

Santa Maria has two runway:

Runway 11-29 8839' 
Runway 02-20 4938' (only used by the military) 
The airport has an ILS approach for Runway 11 110.3 'ISM'

Various military types use the airport including the AMX Jet trainer and C130 Hercules aircraft, but the C130 is now being phased out in favour of the new Embraer KC390 transport/tanker aircraft.

**Please note you must install the 'UK2000 Scenery Common Library'**

(Free from Marketplace or our website)

Our scenery is made with HD photographic images that uses PBR materials. With high detail models researched and based on the real airport, including both large and small details to enhance your flight SIM experience. With the advantages of the MSFS engine, we can now bring you sloping runways and enhanced lighting effects not previously possible with other simulators. In addition to airport scenery, we also include general aviation static aircraft scenery to complement and enhance the airport, but will not affect or clash with AI traffic. The scenery is based on the airport as it was in 2023, and is optimized for the new MS flight sim.

  • Detail Buildings

  • Realistic Ground Markings

  • Hi Res ground image

  • Stunning Night Effects

  • High details Airport Vehicles

  • Good Frame Rates

  • Full set of signs

  • Fencing

  • Vegetation

  • PBR Materials

  • Internal Terminal details


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