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Edinburgh Xtreme 

For FS9, FSX, P3D (All version) 

And Xplane 11

Made in 2016

Welcome to Edinburgh Airport, which serves Scotland’s capital with an ever growing network of commercial flights. With over 30 airlines as well as a thriving GA and cargo centre, Edinburgh is an ideal place for any flight simmer. This scenery is another of the next generation of airports from UK2000 Scenery. These utilise new methods and modelling systems, which allow us to make truly amazing airports.

Edinburgh airport started off as a military base (RAF Turnhouse). After the war commercial flights started to appear but it remained in RAF hands until 1971 when it was decommissioned and sold to the BAA. Recently a new apron has been added (the Turnhouse Apron), and a new pier has opened on the Central East Apron, connecting to the main terminal via a long bridge.

  • Full detail Buildings

  • Realistic Ground Markings

  • Hi Res ground image

  • UK Runway markings

  • Stunning Night Effects

  • 3D Approach Lights

  • High details Airport Vehicles

  • Excellent Frame Rates

  • Runway Wigwags

  • Full set of signs

  • Fencing

  • Airliner Static Aircraft

  • GA Static Aircraft

  • Manual and Options

  • Improved runway lights

  • Vegatation

  • Default Road animations

  • Custom animations

  • Compatible with Orbx FTX

  • Compatible with Photo Scenery

  • Compatible with FSX Steam

  • Compatible with Orbx 'True Earth'

Xplane notes, there is no custom animation or Static aircraft  and
the Airport is **FLAT**, sorry our system cant make curved
airports yet.



FS9,FSX and P3D

Regular Price


Xplane 11

Regular Price

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